Now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year.
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First Baptist Academy
Compliance of Employment

Prior to applying for employment at First Baptist Academy, an applicant must read and agree to the following.

The Academy appreciates your interest in employment at God’s school.  We are a ministry of First Baptist Church, and profess the beliefs of its congregation.  It is also the policy and practice of FBA to hire personnel who are in agreement with the Christian beliefs and doctrines as stated in its Statement of Faith. (see attachment)

Applicants must be a born-again believer who is actively participating in a local evangelical congregation.  The applicant should give evidence of a daily, growing relationship with the Lord by church participation, Bible study and daily prayer.  Most important, the applicant should sense God’s calling to serve Him at First Baptist Academy.

First Baptist Academy position of Biblical beliefs:

  • We interpret Scripture to teach CREATION over evolution

  • We interpret Scripture to be PRO-LIFE.

  • We interpret Scripture to approve sexual relationship ONLY IN A MARRIAGE between a male and a female.

  • We interpret Scripture to be in opposition to the form of teaching that may be called New Age: special revelations, spirits, séances, horoscopes, Ouija boards, prisms, crystal balls, metaphysical techniques, imaging and other similar means.

  • We interpret Scripture to be in opposition to the use of illegal substances.

Needless to say, each applicant must be under conviction of the Holy Spirit to serve God in the ministry of Christian education.  Therefore, it is understood that they desire their children to be educated in the same Christian environment in which they are applying to teach (word).  Exception will be made ONLY if the Academy does not have the appropriate grades or programs available.

If you are of the same mind-set (compliance with) described above, please complete the application form.  Include a copy of all transcripts and teacher certificates.

The appropriate administrator will carefully study the contents of your application and determine if you qualify for the applied position.  References will also be solicited.

If all qualifications are met an interview will be arranged.

The Superintendent will employ the person whom she feels will best fill the position as the Lord leads. 

First Baptist Academy will not employ anyone ever convicted of any felony or misdemeanor classified as an offense against the person or family or of public indecency or a violation of the Texas Controlled Substance Act.