Educating Students for Time and Eternity

First Baptist Academy

First Baptist Academy Universal City

The mission of First Baptist Academy is to educate students for time and eternity by presenting God’s truths in all area of education and character development. First Baptist Academy professes that the Bible is the standard for ALL truth, and its source is in Jesus Christ. (John 14:6). Every subject, whether scientific, historical, mathematical, literary, or artistic is taught with the consciousness that Jesus Christ is to be central in all living and learning.

Upcoming Events

High School Semester Exams



Eagle Choir Christmas Concert 6:30 PM, Peace


Eagle Band Christmas Concert 6:30 PM, Sanctuary


3rd – 5th Grades Musical 6:30 PM, Sanctuary


High School Exams


Noon Dismissal

  18- Jan 3

Christmas Holidays, ELS Closed Dec 25-Jan 2

        Jan 4

Return to school. Beginning of 3rd 9 Weeks