Guidance Counselor Page


College preparation begins with the 9th grade. The school Guidance Counselor will keep the student informed of all college planning information through College Resource Guides, newsletter, classroom visits, college web sites, and individual counseling. Although the Guidance Counselor can help in this planning, the ultimate responsibility rests with the student and parent. Students will be given an opportunity to visit with representatives from colleges and universities. Information and registration packets regarding testing programs for college entrance will be made available to all students.

FBA Guidance Counseling office offers the following services to High School students and their parents:

  • Guidance with students concerning academic progress and concerns regarding education, and career information.
  • Consulting and cooperating with teachers, administrators, parents and others on behalf of the student.
  • Conducting a program of testing to assess the student’s aptitudes, abilities, level of achievement and vocational preferences. The tests that are facilitated include: PSAT, SAT, ACT.
  • Acquiring, updating and supervising student records to assist in understanding the individual student.
  • Developing educational programs for students and helping plan their schedules.
  • Information on college scholarships.

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